★ Merry Christmas to you and your family ★
- Santa Claus -

★☆ Merry Christmas ○○○ ★☆
- Santa Claus -

Dear ○○○ ,
I know you've been a good boy, Ho ho ho!
Have a very merry Christmas!
☆★ Santa Claus ★☆

・you've been a good boy, Ho ho ho!
・I know you've been a good boy, Ho ho ho!

Merry Christmas to you my lovely boy(girl)、○○○!
I'm so happy to bring a lovely Christmas gift for you here.
I know you've been a good boy(girl) to always smile.  
I've enjoyed your Christmas service for me tonight.
Please tell your mum her cake was so delicious and your dad I've nearly
drunken with his brandy.
Merry Christmas once again!
love、Your SantaClaus


Dear ○○,
Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas! I have been looking at my list of Naughty and Nice boys and girls and see that you’re at the top of the Nice list, and so is your brother ■■. I also hear from your dad and mom that you’ve also been doing well in preschool. I’m very proud of you for being such a good boy.
Do you know where I live? Santa live in the North Pole with the reindeer. Santa Claus likes bringing toys to little children who listen to their parents, are nice and polite to other people, and do their best.
Rudolph and I are very happy that we're going to be bringing you some presents this year. And I was very glad to find some cookies and milk in your bedroom, because we all get hungry delivering so many toys all around the world. Thank you so much.
Have a very merry Christmas!
Santa Claus
P.S. I'm glad you are enjoying your new little brother and being such a big help to your parents.


17. 12月 2009 von memo-log
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